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3D PRO LASHES, a beauty brand new line created by the entrepreneur behind Beauty Therapy Services Beauty Salon Limited in Bournemouth UK (Now known as 3D Pro Lash Studio), passionate about providing affordable, high-quality beauty and skincare services, announced it will feature a 3D Pro Eyelash (Pretty Powerful Collection) starting July 29, 2017.

The collection’s first eyelash line, made from 100% luxury cruelty free mink fur, was designed to empower women and help them embrace their beauty and inner strength because “every woman deserves to feel bold, beautiful, and above all, confident”, says Hellen Ohwofasa, CEO and Managing Director.

There are three words to describe my personality and character passionate, persistent and perseverance “I’m on a mission to help women embrace their natural beauty and feel good about themselves and l wont stop until l do”, says Hellen. “We now have the technology today to provide women with full, voluptuous lashes that are versatile, reusable, and stunning in appearance. I am incredibly excited to be officially launching my own 3D lash line.”

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